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The Dilkash Live Edge Dining Table and Chairs Set

The Dilkash Live Edge Dining Table and Chairs Set

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Introducing the Dilkash Live Edge Table and Chairs Set, a truly charming ensemble that instantly adds warmth and joy to your dining experience. This delightful collection effortlessly merges elegance and comfort, creating the perfect backdrop for gatherings and celebrations.

The Dilkash Table features a meticulously crafted design that is both visually appealing and built to last. Made from high-quality materials, it provides a sturdy and reliable surface for sharing meals and creating memories. The smooth tabletop and well-proportioned base strike a perfect balance, ensuring stability while offering ample legroom for diners.

Complementing the table, the coordinating chairs exude an inviting aura, beckoning guests to sit and enjoy the company of friends and family. The chairs boast plush, ergonomic cushions that provide exceptional comfort and support for hours of conversation and laughter.

Together, the Dilkash Table and Chair Set create an enchanting atmosphere that brings joy to every person at the table. This alluring set is more than just a place to dine; it is a testament to the power of togetherness and the magic of shared moments. Transform your dining space into a captivating haven where memories are made, bonds are strengthened, and happiness abounds.

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Original Table (shown in photo):

Length: 6 ft

Width: 3 ft

Product Details

Resin Colour: Blue to Green

Finish Type: Natural Matte Finish

Legs / Base: Teak Wood Bowling Pin Legs

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  • 1. Understanding of Requirements

    The SIDR team will contact you to understand if there are any changes or customisations to be made to The Dilkash Live Edge Dining Table and Chairs Set. They will also understand your requirements and suggest changes.

  • 2. Finalisation of wooden slab and resin colour

    The Dilkash Live Edge Dining Table and Chairs Set as part of our collection was custom made. There will be a 10% change to the colour of the wood and resin. The SIDR team will finalise the tiniest of details with you.

  • 3. Sit back, while our craftsmen create your masterpiece

    You can sit back and relax while our craftsmen do their work and deliver a piece of SIDR furniture to your site. The finest materials and machinery will be used to craft this unique .

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