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Indus Games Live Edge Console

Indus Games Live Edge Console

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Introducing the Indus Games Live Edge Console by SIDR, a unique and stunning addition to any office space. Crafted with great care and precision, this side table captures the beauty of nature and infuses it with modern design elements to create a truly remarkable piece of furniture.

This console was originally made for a modern cutting edge gaming studio and it captures the essence of the space! Modern, eclectic yet rooted in serenity of nature with an exotic live edge!

The table features a live edge wooden top with a gorgeous shade of epoxy resin flowing through the center.  The wooden top is made from solid wood and is meticulously handcrafted to preserve the natural contours and edges of the wood, giving the table a distinctive character.


Original Table (shown in photo):

Length: 4 ft

Width: 18 in


Product Details

Resin Colour: Bluish Green

Finish Type: Matte Translucent

Legs / Base:

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  • 1. Understanding of Requirements

    The SIDR team will contact you to understand if there are any changes or customisations to be made to Indus Games Live Edge Console. They will also understand your requirements and suggest changes.

  • 2. Finalisation of wooden slab and resin colour

    Indus Games Live Edge Console as part of our collection was custom made. There will be a 10% change to the colour of the wood and resin. The SIDR team will finalise the tiniest of details with you.

  • 3. Behold, while our craftsmen create your masterpiece

    You can sit back and relax while our craftsmen do their work and deliver a piece of SIDR furniture to your site. The finest materials and machinery will be used to craft this unique .

Custom Furniture

We are craftsmen with a passion for creating unique pieces at SIDR. We want to make sure you're satisfied, which is why we don't stop until you are.

Collaborating with our customers to bring their ideas to life is so important to us because we know a piece of furniture is truly valuable when it reflects our client.

Contact us today to learn more about our craftsmanship and design services.

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